1st corner (North East)

Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan and Russia

Completed (Feb - May 2016)

2nd corner (North West)

Canada and Alaska

3th Corner (South East)

New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philipines

Start date unknown

4th corner (South West)

Peru, Chili, Brasil and Argentina (incl. Patagonia)

Hi there,

By means of introduction, my name is Linda van Dijk, 38 years old and 100% Dutchy. I created this page to share my experiences of my Corners of the World Marathon, which is letting me travel to all four far corners of the world. When I tell people about 'going the corners', I got the smarty-pants response that there are no corners in a round world. Now, I don't deny this fact, but I will nonetheless keep referring to them as corners, as they are the furthest possible from my home country, the Netherlands.

I have dreamt of globetrotting for a long time and I am excited that is finally happening. It took some courage though. For one because I had to quit my job and -since I lived in Dubai for the last 8 years before I kicked off- I am additionally homeless and country-less at the moment. Lastly, and this may sound cheesy, I had traveled only 1 day 'solo' before I kicked off the tour. My first leg [to see 2 of the 4 corners] will be about 190 days, all alone. How is that for 'getting out of one's comfort zone'?

Enough said. Here is hoping that you will enjoy my stories, pics and videos.

My blog contains most content; this is where you will find stories, pics and footage. Note that only the last 5 posts are shown individually whereas all previous posts are grouped by month (latest first, so scroll to to the bottom to read the posts in chronological order).  

In my itinerary you can track my whereabouts and onward travel plan.

I would love to hear your reactions and feedback (via contact me). You can also sign up for email notification for new publications.

Hug, Linda

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller